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By Candice Perea 04 Jan, 2018
  • Your customers want fast internet that just works.
  •  You want to provide the best speeds and customer service while managing costs.
Join Marc Perea from MCP Networks for a brief  webinar to learn about five critical components of a managed router solution.
Wednesday January 24th, 2018
1:30 PM Central Standard Time
By Candice Perea 20 Dec, 2017

I’m not just the President, I’m also a client!

I think of that line from the old Hair Club for Men commercial nearly every time I use the Aerez app to pause my kids’ internet. Aerez has helped with the device struggle and parental controls in my own house. From the day we started testing with our own kids’ devices, I have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from not worrying if they are going to get a virus on my laptop or stumble onto porn sites. But lately the struggle has changed. And that struggle is YouTube. At this point, if you’re a parent, you might be nodding your head. YouTube consumption has become a constant argument between my 7-year old and I.

With Aerez, we have a child-friendly filter installed on our kids devices. The software uses a YouTube API to restrict content based on their “kid-friendly” settings. The problem is that some content sneaks through the filter or is just not stuff I want my kid to watch. One day I thought my 5-year old was watching some innocent super-hero characters when I glimpsed Spiderman making out with Queen Elsa. Not exactly what I would expect from a “kid” site. In addition, I recently saw a social media post about a parent who found their kid watching a video of a beloved cartoon character drinking bleach. Not cool in my book.

By Marc Perea 27 Sep, 2017
  • RouterOS (ROS) exposes an API for developers
  • RouterBoard hardware is inexpensive
  • ROS feature set is rich and robust
By Marc Perea 14 Aug, 2017

As part of our mission to make network technology easy to use and understand, we just released our Wifi Signals tool! We’re excited for the potential of this tool to help our users get the most out of their home network. The Wifi Signals tool is a chart that displays the signal strength of all the currently connected wifi devices in the home.

Why is this important and how can it help you improve your wifi?

A poor wifi connection can cause buffering and slowness which might be caused by distance to the device or router placement. Simply moving the device, router, or adding an extender can greatly improve your wifi connection. The wifi signals tool measures the connections and shows you the connection strength to help you decide where placement should be.

What does my wi-fi Signal mean?

Many factors go into measuring the wifi signal strength, and our algorithms score the wifi so you don’t need to know about things like client connection quality, signal strength, decibels and milliwatts.

For devices that are in the “good” and “excellent” range, your wifi connection is looking great. A score of good means that the wifi is plenty capable for most uses, such as watching HD video streams on Netflix or Youtube, etc. If you have devices that are chronically in the poor range, especially if they’re at the very bottom of the chart, your wifi signal is definitely a problem.

My Wifi Signal is poor, what can I do?

The easiest thing you can do is move the device to try and prevent interference that may be coming from walls, metal, or other electronics. The chart updates in real-time every few seconds so you can see immediately what effect moving your device will have.

If you’ve tried repositioning both your router and devices and just can’t get it to improve, you’ll want to add an extender.

How do I get an Extender for my Aerez?

Our extender module is in development. Email us at

to get an early release version.

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