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By Social Aerēz 08 Nov, 2016
Recently one of our founders, Marc, received a message from one of our early Beta users. It means the world to us when a user feels so strongly about our product that they take the time to give us the feedback!

Here is what Eli said: "Just an FYI - been using  Aerēz  since I got it  and I think it works perfectly. [We get a] strong signal through the house, network optimization improved my internet a ton, pause works, bedtime blocker works.  I have no suggestions for improvement."
By George Zarebski 23 Aug, 2016
One example on how Aerez has helped me is when my teenage daughter was grounded from all of her devices. It didn't take long to see she wasn't really bothered by this. Huge red flag for anyone who knows teenage girls. I checked the devices on my network using Aerez and there was a new device. Hmm... turned out my daughter had gotten a device from a friend to avoid my punishment.
Thanks to Aerez I was in control even when my kids found ways to be smarter than me.

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